*galw stelcwyr carol smillie*

dyma be sy'n digwydd pan dwi'n gadael y cyvriviadur am sbel - colli mas ar 'madras' geraint griffiths ar ebay a (bambambabababaaaaa) pethau fel hyn:

Date: Mon, Jul 11, 2005 11:40 am +0100
From: *********
To: *********
Subject: Granada Television


Information contact:
Phone: ***** ******
e-mail: *********

TV Company seeks applicants for new summer show.

With 20 leading celebrities already waiting to model for you Granada TV are looking for artists who can aspire to the title of Britains most talented amateur portrait painter and to appear in a new television series called 'A Brush with Fame'. 9 cities around Britain will play regional hosts to a national art road show, giving would-be artists the chance to win both the title and a contract with Washington Green, Europes largest art publisher, at a grand final in London later in the year. Graham Alexander Lee, owner and publisher of Art-Travels, the only Internet directory in the U.K. dedicated to art tourism said, "When I was approached by a friend at Granada TV to help promote the series, I knew that it was a unique chance for the thousands of gifted painters we have in the U.K. not only to paint or draw a famous personality but also to have their work nationally recognised."

"There has never been an opportunity like this before. I know that there are plans to regularly feature contestants on 'Good Morning' with Fern Britton and Phillip Schofield as well as frequent progress reports on GMTV. With this combination of enthusiasm, celebrity involvement and media spotlight the programme is bound to be compulsive viewing."

Carol Smiley, star of B.B.C. TV's "Changing Rooms" and the current hit daytime show "The People's Court", has been confirmed as presenter, with celebrity artist and Royal portrait painter Christian Furr as chairman of the judging panel. Granada TV and their production team are looking for anyone and everyone who has ever fancied putting pen, ink or paint to paper to come forward and are actively encouraging less experienced and aspiring painters to apply. This is an exceptional competition, open to anyone over the age of 18, so apply now while places are still available.

For more information on how to enter this unique Granada TV competition contact *********.

waw. yessssss. hwreeee. waaay.

o ddifri ddo - os oes diddordeb da chi, rhowch nodyn a nai hala'r wybodaeth ymlaen.

*hogi brwshys*

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